So, you’ve got your plane ticket in hand, your bike is in its box, your helmet in your carry on. You’re set and ready for a Bali cycling holiday, tan and feast extravaganza!

Of course, when we plan out your Bali bike tour, we expect everything to go smoothly. As with every holiday you’ve taken, you fully expect the rides at the amusement park will be operating, the restaurant everyone is raving about will have your booking and the sun will shine in a clear blue sky. Annoyingly, we don’t always get exactly what we want, so it’s good to know UpShift Tours have a backup in place, on the off chance that your cycling holiday isn’t looking exactly… bright and cheerful.

It can be a factor because Bali is a tropical island, allowing you to bask in consistent summer warmth, but it’s also prone to a playful cycle of rain and dry. Unlike other equator-esque islands, Bali doesn’t have a low season when it comes to prices. The wet season, December to February, sees a boost in tourists from neighboring Australia as families, students and couples flock in for end of school, Christmas and New Year celebrations. Europeans and Americans also escape to Bali during this period to get a break from their winter chill.

Bali is always thriving, even in a downpour

UpShift Tours operates all year round, so your Bali cycling tour can match your holiday leave schedule, even if that doesn’t quite match up with the best weather.

All our afternoon activities are 100% rain friendly, meaning the only adjustment we may need when the umbrellas come out, is to your morning ride. Naturally, we want to give you an option for something active, give you some calorie burn and possibly get your heart racing.

The wet season isn’t necessarily all that wet. Sometimes there’s an overnight thunderstorm and you wake up realising everything is drenched, but otherwise you wouldn’t even know it’s raining.rain in Bali It’s possible for that to happen for the entire rainy season. Other times there might be a downpour every three or so days but mostly it’s sunny, especially mornings. Other times, it’s three days of constant rain and wind on a 90 degree angle, you really need to be here to experience the staggering amount of water that produces!

Obviously, our first preference is to get you on the road, that’s what you’re keen for and that is exactly why UpShift Tours has a Bali cycling package ready for you. It’s entirely up to you what weather you whether. If the rain’s like this; hammering down with excitement, there’s just no way you’re getting on your bike, anything less though and we’ll check in with our expert drivers and lead cyclist for the local low-down. If a slight drizzle doesn’t put you off and we consider the conditions safe, then you are free to get out and have a ride/shower.

If your cycling visit to Bali happens to correspond with some rain of the torrential variety we are excited to share with you an interesting and active indoor Bali experience, just something to tide you over until the sun is out again and we can get you back touring Bali by bike. As we said, Bali is used to catering for rainy weather, we think they do it rather well.

Option One:                         Bounce Trampoline Centre 

Canggu Club is the resort you can visit without being imprisoned inside for all eternity. They have everything you can imagine, including a massive trampoline paradise, which we find way more interesting than the sports bar. There are four different jump zones as well as two practice zones that have sponge pits for flipping, diving and belly flops. Once you’ve had enough practice, rally your cycling tribe for the bounce sports and get serious with some basketball or dodge ball. With that kind of teamwork, you’ll really have some fun next time you’re on the road together.

If you don’t mind steps there is also the waterslide option, since you are getting wet anyway, the rain probably won’t matter.

If you are not quite ready to tap into your inner five-year-old there is always ten-pin bowling or tennis to keep your fitness levels high.

Option Two:                        Totem Room

This is the kind of game you wish you had available when you were bored on school holidays. Totem Room is like Amazing Race mixed with Cluedo. You stay in one place  (dry and air conditioned) and all the clues are in the room with you. Using your brainpower and with the help of your ride buddies, you’ll solve clues in a race against the clock to get yourself out of a delightfully themed room! There are different levels of difficulty and four themes to choose from. It’s a serious challenge so prepare yourself for an hour of think time, sleuth style.

Option Three:                      Pamper Yourself

When you read over the list of what is possible in a Balinese Spa Salon, you may find it difficult to choose what divine relaxation method you’ll take. Even the list of possible massage methods can be 15 long. When the rainy day washes out your cycling tour, simply pluck one of the 3 or 4-hour packages on offer and relax. Or mix and match your own selected items to have you prim and polished from head to toe with goodies like a 1.5 hour massage, full body scrub, pedicure, manicure or facial mask to name a few, oh, I forgot to mention the scented bath option, where you soak in oils and rose petals and daydream your morning away. That’s bound to bring up an appetite for lunch.

Option Four:                       Dream Museum Zone         

Photos are what last after the holiday is over. Take it from us, as well seasoned travelers, memories get a bit wonky with time, and there is nothing like a good photo to bring it all rushing back. Plus pictures look great and posting and sharing online is so easy. We also love being able to share the excitement when we return, and if we happen to make people green with envy…oops, our bad. Which is why we are giving you a photo option you’ll adore. These giant 3D artworks are simply stunning on their own, but with some expression, creativity and carefully angled snapping, you will be posting photos people will be dropping jaws over. And have a ton of fun in the process.

Check out to see what we’re talking about.

Option Five:                        Sleep In                              

Enjoy the sound of rain on the roof from your king size bed, have a lazy breakfast and upload the previous days ride photos to social media so everyone can see what your cycling holiday looks like. If you feel a slight twinge of guilt you can always set your bike on the trainer, point it to the garden for some serenity, and spin with your earphones tuned to your favorite playlist.

This is possibly one of the saddest posts I’ve written because all these sound like fantastic ideas and I’d really love to experience them all with you, yet the chance of rain on your cycling holiday is super slim, even in the wet season. So while it may be the best backup plan ever invented, we will most likely have to continue to enjoy great weather, great roads and the original, super awesome Bali cycling package that UpShift Tours are so adored for.

Happy packing! See you here soon.