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Hello, and welcome to UpShift Tours!

Our passion is fun, and we would love to share that with you.

We do this by leading high-quality road cycling tours of Bali to show you village sights and sounds away from the hustle and bustle of places like Kuta.

With group sizes limited to 10 people, free breakfast and lunch, free High5 nutritional products, free laundry service, stunning villas and fully supported riding, you will be sure to make memories that last a lifetime.

In 2012, Jarrod Partridge had to go to Bali to attend a wedding. Bali was never on his list of destinations to visit, convinced by all the bad press that it was the bogan capital of the world.

As the plane made its descent into Denpasar, he fell in love.

Captivated by the sights, sounds and smells of Bali he knew it would be an incredible destination for a cycling holiday. Ride hard in the morning, relax harder in the afternoon.

Our tours start early in the morning to beat the traffic and the worst of the heat, meaning we’re back in time for a dip in the pool before lunch and an afternoon of sleep, massage, and voluntary adventures.

Bali has so much more to offer than just Bintang, which we show you by riding personally selected roads (that are often a billiard table-like surface!) through villages and up volcanoes, meaning you will truly test the body, invigorate the mind, and nourish the soul.

Ride With Friends

Ride with a group of like-minded people who support each other to push their limits on new and challenging rides that take in all corners of Bali and pass through local villages and towns you won’t find on Trip Advisor, while still challenging for those all-important Strava segments throughout the volcano dotted island. With local ceremonies every day of the week, you will be making memories that stay with you for a life time.

ropical Paradise

Wake up to the warmth of a tropical paradise and enjoy the challenge of riding your bike through endless rice fields and sleepy villages in the morning, while relaxing and being truly on holiday in the afternoon. You will get to experience all the joys of being a fully supported, professional cyclist, without all the stress that goes with it.

Help communities

Want to help local communities?

Our tours employ and empower local workers at above average wages.

It is our belief that together we can inspire local and international communities to greatness with a hand-up, not a handout.

Need to lose a few kilos?

Our hand picked ride routes will inspire you to train hard before you leave!

Fresh and healthy food on tour will not only fuel your body in the most delicious ways, you can easily and creatively replicate these dishes in your own home. We’ll show you how!

We are going to show you the traditional Bali!

The Bali steeped in traditions and customs and family values, where community is key and long relaxing days are a way of life. Absorb the sounds, the sights, the smells and allow your senses to awaken to a new and uplifting experience…