The thing that everyone tells us they love the most about our Bali bike tours is that they are fully supported out on the road with a fun-loving, knowledgeable guide, and a van at the back that helps shield traffic and is full of cold drinks and spare tubes. Sure, we could run our Bali bike tours for much less if we didn’t have a fully supported ride, but then it would just be like joining a bunch ride at home. The ride support counts for 72% of your tour package cost. We believe it’s worth it, after all, it’s a bike cycling tour of Bali, so that’s where our focus goes.

Having travelled with the National Road Series in Australia (professional racing teams) for 10 years, we wanted to create a professional tour holiday based on that experience. No matter where a race was held there were certain things in common;

  • Well scouted planned routes that are both challenging and scenic
  • Team accommodation creating after ride social time
  • Nutritional meals together
  • Massage
  • Spares
  • Moto scouts
  • Media
  • Sag wagon

What we wanted to replicate is that idea that all a rider has to do is register, get themselves there and be on the start line with their bike. Everything else is taken care of.

Our ride team are professionally employed Balinese who also operate the Bali Cycling Federation, so they know what they are doing here in Bali, on back roads and main city streets. They work in an ‘office’ in Jimbaran, (they always refer to it as The Office, we’d actually call it a workshop at home, they like office, we go with it.)

The whole ride support team cycle, so no matter what role they play on the day, on a bike, in the van or scouting on the moto, they all know their way around on and off the bikes and can look after mechanical issues with whatever materials they have on hand.

From that Bali team we provide a lead rider to cycle with you. These guys LOVE cycling and put in some serious ride time weekly. They are Bali born and bred, have an awesome sense of humour and know the road like the back of their hand. We like that they can navigate on the fly when things get tricky and having a native speaker really makes sure it’s smooth sailing from point to point. It also means they can answer any cultural questions and point out places of interest on the way.

Our ride leader’s confidence in traffic is something you have to see to believe, it’s like watching Neo work The Matrix:

Hands raise and 20 motorbikes/scooters come to an instant halt.

Try doing that in Melbourne or Sydney, (no, not really, your life is too important).

So our lead guy is up front, to the side and out the back (on a climb), chatting, taking photos, giving you info with a radiant smile.

Also at the front, back and side is our moto-pilot. Our moto pilot carries the professional photographer, taking snaps, sending words of encouragement and also relaying message back to the van if required. Our moto is also able to control traffic at intersections to give our peloton a hassle-free passage.

At the very back of the group is our van. Big enough to hold gear, first aid, esky, spare bikes and spare everything else the van stays behind no mater what. Our mechanic/back-marker insures no rider gets left behind. If you want to stop and take photos or have a rest please do, they will wait for you and maybe even give you a friendly shove up the mountain if you need a little traction. There are no time limits, take your time and move at the pace that suits you.

Our esky contains water, energy drinks, electrolytes and snacks.

If you are feeling tired, unwell or finding the weather too much to handle jump in the van for an air-conditioned relax and stare out the window journey. It’s a flexible Sag Wagon so if after a bit of a break you feel ready to get back on the bike, pull over, jump on and cycle away.

Another benefit to having a van is that we can be really flexible with your ride route. If you want to ride but don’t think you can handle the whole stage, our van can drop you at a certain point along the way so you have fresh legs at the 15, 20 or 25 kilometre mark.  It also puts you first on the road and gives you some photo opps.

Whatever your needs are our team have the ability to make it happen. Tell us what the problem is, we’ll find a way around it.

So that’s the bulk of your expenses, an amazing, safe, skilled, structured, fully flexible ride team whose only task is to make sure your ride is a great one.

So what about the rest of your money?

That goes into the holiday experience.

We have a home cooked breakfast before you start, snacks in the van and a healthy, hearty lunch when you return. We then take you out to dinner. Nothing too fancy, nothing trashy, just delicious local food and a relaxed atmosphere. If you want to go to a fancy restaurant, Bali has plenty of them, although a five star sit down isn’t part of any pro tour we’ve heard of. At any rate, let us know if you want to dress up and go to a closed shoes and cloth napkin type of establishment and we will be happy to arrange this for you.

When you choose one of our Bali bike tours you will get as part of your package:

  • Accommodation
  • All main meals and drinks (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Ride coffee stops
  • Transport
  • Dietary requirements catered for. If for some reason we have doubts, (i.e. the stock that makes up a nasi goreng) we will let you know asap and give you options and choices.
  • Afternoon cultural activities
  • Daily 30-minute post ride massage

What we don’t provide **

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Extra food ** (appetizers, desserts and second mains- if you’re super hungry)
  • Souvenirs/gifts to take home
  • Additional massage/beauty treatments

**You can pay for these yourself but we do need to be mindful of time, we leave restaurants at 8:30pm in order to be back at the accommodation ready for a 6:30 departure the next morning.

Download our itinerary to see the finer details of our Bali bike tours.