By Honey Writer

One of the questions we get asked before anyone joins us on a holiday cycling in Bali is ‘what time do we roll out?’ The answer is, ‘early!’

If you like to clock in a few hours on the road before going to work, getting up at the crack of dawn for a pedal is part of your normal operating procedure. We even forgive you for wearing your knicks to bed, we know that anything that helps motivate you, can and will be drawn on.

On holiday you may be tempted to hit the snooze button, but there are plenty of top reasons why cycling in Bali is better than a snoozy holiday, so here are the reasons why we get out of bed at 6 AM for some sleek Bali road cycling.

Quiet, Empty Roads

We skirt the congested villages and use well sealed back roads, however, it’s still nice to have the whole road to ourselves, especially when it’s downhill tuck time.

Beat The Heat 

It’s never really cool here but the breezes are blissfully reviving and the morning air is comfortable and friendly. By the time the heat sets in you will be in the pool or air-conditioned comfort.

The Views

Stunning views is our third reason to go cycling in Bali early. Mornings and evenings show Bali at her best. Soft warm air and golden sunlight on rice fields creates a truly scenic ride and happy snaps for later.

See Sleepy Villages Waking Up

Kids cycling to school, shops setting up and the routine starting slowly as the locals awaken, mingle and go about their day. Like us, they head to the rice fields early, then take shelter ready for a nap in the middle of the day.

Beat The Tourists

This is a personal favourite, I’m not really big on sharing, I want the whole temple to myself! Each cycling loop takes in the natural beauty of Bali, the true culture of the locals and also a tourist site. Temples can get crowded with busloads of visitors from all over the globe. We get in before the swarms, enabling you to breathe in the ambience and serenity that these temples were created for. The Balinese really know how to place their temples in stunning locations too.


I have no idea what else there is to do between breakfast and lunch when on holiday. It’s a bit of a zero time, usually wasted on thinking about what you will be doing after lunch. No more. We have the most rewarding, satisfying, stimulating and energetic way to use that time slot! Now, when lunch is served you are actually hungry and you’ll already have a Bali cycling memory in place to treasure forever. The rest of the day can’t go wrong!

Free Time

Your afternoon is free for rest, relaxation or adventure. Do you ever do that thing where you delay doing what you want/should do, (like cycling in Bali), and then spend the rest of your day promising that you’ll do it soon? It usually means you have a very disjointed and distracted day that’s not very productive. Well, now that you have already been for your ride, you are completely ready to relax and do whatever you want, or nothing at all until dinner. Let’s face it, you have exercised, you’ve been outside, you’ve seen some great things, had some fun with friends and your morning coffee (or three). Job done, take a load off with a smile on your face and a free conscience.

Time For More

If you are ready and willing we have a great adventure waiting out in the local community. We have everything covered and organised to get you fully immersed in the culture of Bali. These hands-on activities are fun, relaxed and rewarding. You’ll be flying home counting off just how much you accomplished and how much you gained from every moment.

Finally, the very best motivation for getting up at 6 AM to go cycling in Bali is…

No Alarm Pain

The worst part about hitting the snooze button on holiday is the first time that alarm goes off after you get back. Not to mention the regret and lethargy you feel on that first ride out. Let’s kick those nasty feelings to the side. Your rhythm isn’t broken, your legs are still in form and your lycra is relaxed just enough for you to get into your knicks without turning yourself inside out.

There you go, morning ride back home is now a cinch! You are very welcome, although we won’t be making any apologies if you find yourself shaking your head and wishing you were back with us, cycling in Bali.

So, now all you need to do is get kitted up and get ready for a great night’s sleep 🙂