By Honey Writer

Not everyone’s idea of a fantastic holiday is getting up at the crack of dawn to cycle 100kms. So if you are a friend, family member or partner of a cycling enthusiast and you’d LOVE to come on their Bali cycling tour with them, here’s our non-riding program…

…sorry, no, not a program, it’s more a of a genie in a bottle experience. Just tell us what you need to make a holiday off the bike blissful!

Each morning riders leave at 6:30 and are typically back at the villa around 11:30. From there we will have lunch together, laze by the pool and head out for an afternoon activity and dinner around 2:30 -3pm.

That gives a non-rider all morning to do anything they like, or nothing at all.

Let’s start with an ultra-relaxing example:
Step 1. Sleep in (or go back to bed if your partner can’t find their socks and needs to wake you).
Step 2. Have lazy breakfast on your outdoor setting enjoying the tropical breeze.
Step 3. Read a book by the pool, maybe go for a dip and dry off again while reading your book.

Mix it up by calling for an in-house massage, sending out for barista coffee,
meditate in a Bale or hire a yoga instructor to give you a flexing workout on the lawn.

If you love the beach, head down to the sand and set yourself up on a deck chair with a fresh coconut and maybe nap or get a beach massage.

Anything we missed to make your time more Zen? Just ask us and we’ll do what we can to get it to you.
Like to be more active: What about these options?

– Go for a walk or a run
– Get surf lessons (beginner or intermediate)
– Hire a board if you are confident alone on the waves
– Cycle to the beach on a flat handled- flat peddled, normal person’s bike.
– Go to the gym for your own workout or (see the program for current classes )
– Power your way to the pool for a swim (there is a 50-meter pool available in Canggu for lap swimming)
– Head to Canggu Club for indoor and outdoor sports activities

Want to see some of Bali?

– Wander a local market and try your hand at Bali bartering
– Stroll the streets of the village
– Go for a rice field walk (great for photos, especially if you are an early riser)

Want to spend time with your cyclist?

Tanah Lot Ride
Nothing fancy here. A regular bike, you in regular clothes and shoes and we take the easy, direct 7km route from the villa to Tanah Lot Temple. This is stage one of our five-stage ride – just on easy mode. Meet up with the group for sightseeing then head back to town on the bikes for coffee together. WOW factor for your cyclist that you’re on the Bali roads with them! Best time to cycle this is 9:00. That gives us time to shop and/or sit at the top of the cliff gazing over the ocean with coffee until the group comes in.

Tirta Empul
Come to the market to see the offering flowers in giant baskets and take incredible photos of this genuine Balinese morning routine. Buy an offering and jump on the back of a moto (15-20 minute ride) to Tirta Empul for the most spiritual experience in Bali (and truly exquisite photo opportunities with your cyclist person)

Any Day
Jump in the van and travel with our sag waggon on the route. If you have a motorcycle licence you can hire a bike and take yourself to the stop point for photos and views and time with the cycling group.

Want to pamper yourself?

– Go out for breakfast and sit in a café all morning long.
– Head out to a day spa in one of the busy inner neighbourhoods like Kerobokan or Seminyak or get one of their nail technicians to come to you.
– Get some clothes tailor-made.
– Go window shopping (or real shopping).
– Visit a beautiful chocolate shop.

Want to do something different?

– Visit Bali Bomb Water Park
– Go horse riding to the beach
– Write a book

We arrange all transport, can assist with booking appointments and provide company should you need it.

Of course, you don’t have to be back for lunch. If you’d like to stay out you certainly can.
– Longer trips include Kuta shops and cinema
– Full day spa treatments or shopping excursions
– Sanur beach for perfect swimming conditions
– Bali Bomb Water Park

If you would like to participate in the afternoon activities we would love to have you as part of a tour for
– Yoga
– Monkey Forest Walk
Cooking class
– Silver making workshop

If there is anything not listed here that interests you or you would like more information or research done on a particular topic, by all means, let us know!

Due to safety reasons, we cannot allow motorbike hire unless you hold a current motorbike license and have an international driver’s licence (these can be purchased on the spot at RACV stores in Australia) You can jump on the back of a bike with a Balinese local for short trips or hire a car to your destination.