Mountainous elevations, UNESCO landscapes, challenges for all levels of rider. Add to that the paradise of the villa, sumptuous breakfasts, ridiculously cheap massages; this was a bike rider’s dream holiday. The city traffic may look chaotic, but once you are on the road, the locals are very forgiving and you may even ace your bike handling skills. I loved every minute and came back with some awesome memories. Get on this tour and make your own!

Shannon Miraglia, April 2016

As a regular visitor to Bali and cyclist, I’d never even considered riding in Bali. It turned out to be one of the best weeks I’ve ever had on a bike. Long steady climbs and long fun descents through the many small villages back to the coast and our luxury villa for lunch and a swim. Definitely would do it again!

Colin Reay, April 2016

Bali is a wonderful island to see by bike. It is a great opportunity to climb some tough hills, as well as cruise along with seaside or rice patty views. The road surface is fantastic, (much better than Australian roads!) and the traffic is patient and accomodating. Relaxation after a big day consists of lazing by the pool, cheap massages and delicious cuisine. It’s definitely an experience I hope to have again!

Jai Gill, July 2016

Throughout our April trip, Amy Bradley made a vlog that was showcased by Cycling Maven:

I had a great day out cycling in Bali with UpShift Tours and Gede. We did 100k’s on smooth, quiet roads, and I felt safe the whole time as I was supported with a guide on the road and a van behind us. Traffic in Bali is courteous and respects cyclists. The climbing to Jatiluwih Rice Terrace was challenging but fun, and the descent back into Canggu was incredible. I highly recommend it for a great day out.

Russell Menzies – Jan 2017

I’ve just completed 6 days of absolutely speculator cycling here in Bali with UpShift Tours and it’s been an amazing experience. I’ve been cycling all around the world but the scenery here in Bali is fantastic and the roads are so smooth.

There’s a lot of talk about it being unsafe but I felt safe the whole time. I think that’s due to the guides that we’ve got and the places and locations that we went to.
Everything has been catered for in the package with UpShift Tours and I would really really recommend it to anyone because it’s been absolutely fabulous. I’m at the end of six days here and I feel like I’m at the top of the world. It’s been wonderful.

Rochelle Gilmore – Feb 2017

As a regular commuter and road cyclist from Sydney I found the attitude and behaviour of drivers in Bali to be much more considerate, pleasant and respectful than I experience at home.

With adequate preparation and an understanding of the way traffic moves in Bali I experienced a rarely interrupted flow in my riding which is hard to achieve in Australia.

I felt very safe even riding through peak hour Denpasar traffic on my own and most importantly it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Rich Nicol – June 2017